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Designing across platforms for clients interested in new media outlets for their products and artworks. Here you will find a collection of websites, posters, logos, videos, songs and artistic endeavors.

User Experience & Interface, Video Production, Sound Design, Installation Art and Photography.


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Put the Needle on the Record

From April through October I will be recording the citizens of Seattle using an antique record lathe in a shipping container at Seattle Center. Come down and send a message to the future! Anyone can take part by attending an open mic event, scheduling a private recording session or attending a listening party. I hope to see you there. Blog coming soon!

Personal Stationary for Jeff Cole

This guy has ideas. Lots of them. He needs stationary to keep tabs. 

Mini Municipal Building
Site: Northgate Mall Parking Lot

This design takes a square program and makes it come alive by unraveling the building to mitigate the site in an important community location. The transitioning environment is in need of increased water permeation and more traffic/pedestrian harmony. This project integrates the environmental needs with urban design strategies that focus on the quality of everyday life around the Northgate Mall.

Concept Layout for Writer’s Website

The aim here is to achieve blog functionality with unconventional web looks.

UW Architecture TreeShirt

The official AIAS t-shirt design for 2004. Yes, I still wear mine once a week. Send me a message with what you think it means.

Sietch 22 - Live/Work Studio/Dwelling

900 sq ft Artist Loft in the Old Rainier Brewery. All interiors are custom built for the space using largely recycled and reclaimed materials. The space feels like a cube at 25’x25’x17’ — it contains a private interior room under a mezzanine, an office, bed nook, kitchen, bath and laundry. There is built in closet space upstairs as well as rooftop access.

New Business Card

Stamps! A quick business card solution for cheap. All in all I think I spent twenty bucks.

The Summer of the Wedding Invite

A gallery focused design that gets the user through the various projects with ease. I worked with the staff from the beginning until the end of the process. I got some coding help from my buddies but the majority of the site is coded and designed solo.

Viaduct Test Video • Some test footage for my 4Culture media gallery project.

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